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October 13, 2009

Loving Your Blog!

Filed under: Fan Mail by Bill @ 6:16 am

I received some excellent fan mail yesterday:

Hello, Loving Long Island!

Such a cool blog. What I really like is the LOVE you put into your posts. Nice photos, recommendations, recipes, videos how to… a rich, lovely site.

You and Soundbounder have the Island covered. You both make me want to explore more.

Thanks for the work you put in! It IS greatly appreciated!

If that weren’t flattering enough, it’s from Christina Sun, one of my favorite publishers. Her site, Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook, features beautiful, informative, and sometimes comical water color paintings of New York Harbor, and entertaining transcripts of radio communications between the boats working there.

(I still haven’t figured out why she always has that radio with her, but when I was working from home I had a marine VHF squawking on my desk all day long just for fun. So if that’s the case, I get it.)

The funny thing is, while Christina wants to explore Long Island, she and Will Van Dorp of Tugster (he has a way with words like Christina has a way with brushes) have me hooked on New York Harbor and the Hudson, places I never thought I would have any interest in whatsoever.

But that’s the whole point of publishing this stuff anyway, isn’t it; to share the excitement and inspire others to come see too?

As for Soundbounder… Well, that’s Mathew Housekeeper. I’m on his site all the time for his excellent photographic coverage of both shores of the Long Island Sound. I don’t know how he gets around so much, but he does.

So, three great sites that I highly recommend. If you love the water, work boats, cool places, great writing, and pretty pictures, then the rest of your day is shot 🙂

Oh, and thank you, Bowsprite for the fan mail. It’s nice to know that all this work is greatly appreciated.

January 15, 2009

Pride in Long Island

Filed under: Fan Mail by Bill @ 6:54 am

Hey Long Island Guy,

I just wanted to say I love the site. I watch all your clips on YouTube as well. Nice to see someone take so much pride in their home. I am the same way.

I was wondering if you guys are local to Islip? I think I recognize the boat behind you in the scallop shucking film. Are you guys down by Whitecap?

I love your son’s boat too, I used to have an 17 foot Garvey pilothouse but I recently purchased an old down east pilot with a small cuddy.

Just wanted to say I love your work. Thanks so much for the effort.

Take care,
Tom Costello – 24 Bay Shore


Thanks for the kind words. It nice to know that all my hard work on this site is appreciated.

Here is another shot of my son’s boat, a 23′ Thomas Marine. It’s all aluminum and very heavy. It used to be at Whitecap, but now it’s elsewhere, and this weekend we’re hauling it for maintenance. Won’t launch again until spring.



July 21, 2008 in Newsday

Filed under: Fan Mail by Bill @ 7:19 am

Its nice to be noticed…

My blog was mentioned on Sunday in the sidebar to an article about Diana Faria’s blog

I don’t know Darren Sands and I didn’t know he was writing anything about me, but I’d like to thank him (Thank you, Darren) for including me in his article.

I don’t know Diana Faria either, but best of luck to you and keep up the good work.

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