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July 21, 2008 in Newsday

Filed under: Fan Mail by Bill @ 7:19 am

Its nice to be noticed…

My blog was mentioned on Sunday in the sidebar to an article about Diana Faria’s blog

I don’t know Darren Sands and I didn’t know he was writing anything about me, but I’d like to thank him (Thank you, Darren) for including me in his article.

I don’t know Diana Faria either, but best of luck to you and keep up the good work.

July 20, 2008

Real Human Bodies

Filed under: New York City by Bill @ 9:51 pm

As I’ve said here before one of the great things about Long Island is how close it is to New York City. An hour’s drive or train ride and you’re there…

On Friday we took a train in to see Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy. If you’re familiar with Cirque du Soleil you know this is a bunch of acrobats doing incredible things. And that’s an understatement. These guys and girls are truly amazing.

While I’m on the topic of amazing, let me tell you that there’s no better way to appreciate an acrobatic performance than to see the Bodies exhibit at South Street Seaport first.

This truly remarkable display of dissected human bodies will shock and awe you. Each dissection highlights a particular area of human function. The bodies are artistically posed and there’s no glass. You can get as close as you want.

We spent well over an hour in this exhibit and, strangely, we were all hungry when we left. BTW, we saw plenty of children in the museum and in my opinion (father of 3) the exhibit is safe for kids.

We enjoyed some good food and homemade beer and root beer at the Heartland Brewery directly across the street, then got some airbrush tattoos in the seaport.

A girl getting an air-brush tattoo

At the appointed hour we hailed a cab to 53rd and Broadway for the show, and then I lost my wallet. I either left it in the cab or it fell into the street. I’ve since canceled my credit cards and I’ll be at DMV tomorrow for a new license and registration.

Now, last summer I found a pocketbook bobbing in the water near Fire Island. I tracked down the owner and returned it. Could that be enough good karma to help my wallet find its way back home? I’ll let you know…

Cirque Dreams was very impressive and somewhat frightening at times. I really thought one of those acrobats was going to get hurt. They must be as crazy as they are talented. But they put on an excellent show that’s cute enough for kids yet stunning enough for adults.

After the show we walked from the theater through Times Square (a.k.a. The Crossroads of the World) back to Penn Station. Times Square is a stunning sight at night. Lights and people everywhere, the streets are packed so tight you can barely move.

people and lights in Times Square

Aside from the lost wallet, it was a great day in the city. BTW, that’s how Long Islanders refer to New York City. We just call it The City. What else could we be referring to?

July 17, 2008

Beachcombing and Daytripping on Fire Island

Filed under: Sand, Sea & Sky by Bill @ 7:01 am

I took a trip to Atlantique on Fire Island last Friday. Atlantique is one of my favorite spots for a Fire Island day trip because it has public restrooms, hot showers, and a nice little snack bar. It’s also very close to Ocean Beach which is where I like to go for dinner after a day on the beach.

The plan is simple: I take the Fire Island Ferry from Bay Shore to Atlantique. Spend the day swimming in the ocean then take a hot shower and change into some decent clothes. Hail the Fire Island Water Taxi for a short, but exhilarating ride to Ocean Beach. When the night is over I take the ferry back to Bay Shore.

But getting back to my trip to Atlantique. Long Island’s beaches are usually great for beachcombing, but every now and then you’ll come across an accumulation of shells and polished stones that’s just unbelievable.

On a very small section of beach the waves and currents were just right to pile up this mass of goodies. No one could help but bend over here and pick things up. One guy even found a shark’s tooth.

a lot of shells on the beach

sea shell closeup

shells and waves glistening in the sun

picking up shells

July 5, 2008

As Seen on the 4th

Filed under: Sand, Sea & Sky by Bill @ 8:25 am

Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July… (Although I did read about a 6 year old girl who was burned when someone thew fireworks into a bonfire. What a @#%$ moron!)

Here are a couple of shots taken right in front of my house. Not my fireworks though. Someone on the next block was launching very large and very loud fireworks from his backyard.

Of course the camera, especially without a tripod, doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the display.

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