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July 17, 2008

Beachcombing and Daytripping on Fire Island

Filed under: Sand, Sea & Sky by Bill @ 7:01 am

I took a trip to Atlantique on Fire Island last Friday. Atlantique is one of my favorite spots for a Fire Island day trip because it has public restrooms, hot showers, and a nice little snack bar. It’s also very close to Ocean Beach which is where I like to go for dinner after a day on the beach.

The plan is simple: I take the Fire Island Ferry from Bay Shore to Atlantique. Spend the day swimming in the ocean then take a hot shower and change into some decent clothes. Hail the Fire Island Water Taxi for a short, but exhilarating ride to Ocean Beach. When the night is over I take the ferry back to Bay Shore.

But getting back to my trip to Atlantique. Long Island’s beaches are usually great for beachcombing, but every now and then you’ll come across an accumulation of shells and polished stones that’s just unbelievable.

On a very small section of beach the waves and currents were just right to pile up this mass of goodies. No one could help but bend over here and pick things up. One guy even found a shark’s tooth.

a lot of shells on the beach

sea shell closeup

shells and waves glistening in the sun

picking up shells

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