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August 13, 2006

One Ocean View – Cancelled!

Filed under: Fire Island,Rant by Bill @ 10:14 pm

Yes! This is what I had hoped for.

ABC canceled One Ocean View last week due to lack of interest.

My concern all along had been for the welfare of Fire Island. Myself and many others worried that One Ocean View would bring the wrong kind of attention to the Island and possibly create a huge invasion of tourists.

I don’t think we have to worry about that any longer. Apparently, everyone who watched One Ocean View either hated it, or was bored to tears.

The number of viewers dropped by almost 22% to 2.82 million for the second episode prompting ABC to leave remaining episodes unscheduled.

So what did we miss in the canceled episodes? Not much. Here’s a summary gleaned from some ABC press releases:

  • Heather fights with John because he won’t hold her hand in public.
  • After a great night in bed Anelka takes Usman on a date. Usman attempts to assert his dominance by ordering her dinner for her.
  • Heather and John makeup.
  • Heather and John fight again when she accuses him of avoiding her.
  • John and Usman drop their current interests when two new girls, Lallie and Carisa show up at One Ocean View.
  • John is so interested in Carisa that Heather freaks out and cuts her weekend short.
  • Usman and Mary fight when Usman reports seeing Mary’s new boyfriend kissing another women.

As I said, we didn’t miss much.

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