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January 28, 2007

Long Island Sunrise

Filed under: Sand, Sea & Sky by Bill @ 2:38 pm

I woke up Friday morning to extraordinarily low temperatures—the coldest day of the season on Long Island so far. I looked my thermometer. 9.1 degrees. “Cool,” I thought. While most people grumble about bad weather I am excited by it. Storms, hail, thunder, ice. All great stuff…

I stepped outside, looked up and saw the stars sparkling against a crystal clear blue-black sky. An icy chill clears the air like nothing else. There wasn’t a cloud in sight and I thought this would be a perfect morning to catch a sunrise at the beach.

No matter where you live on Long Island you’re never very far from the shore. I happen to live very close to the water and within minutes I was at Heckscher State Park taking pictures. Much to my disappointment however, there were clouds on the horizon blocking the sun.

No matter, I came home with a few of good snap shots anyway.

Ducks and lighthouse
Looking southwest towards the Fire Island Lighthouse. These ducks were disturbed by my presence and began retreating from the shore. They made quite a bit of noise complaining about me.

The Robert Moses Causeway bridge
A temperature inversion stretches the Robert Moses Causeway bridge and makes it appear to float over the Great South Bay.

Sun behind clouds
Fire over Fire Island.

The sun.
The sun finally rises from behind the clouds painting a bright stripe across the bay.

The scene looks tranquil enough, but there was a breeze blowing and the temperature was still only about 11 degrees. By the time I was done taking these pictures my hands were frozen solid.

But I got to enjoy another beautiful morning on Long Island. Frostbite? Who cares.

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